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leaving your ego at the door


My first job out of college was a production foreman for General Motors. After a major break down of the assembly operation I was walking back to my production area with my superintendent when he pointed to another production foreman and asked me a question, "Do you know why he will never be successful?" I answered, "No!" He said to me, "Gary I want you to make decisions even if they are wrong — but you better not make them wrong again!"

This message stuck with me throughout my career. As I began selling it became obvious that most people cannot make a decision. This lead me to develop a selling system that takes a prospect through a selling process that leads them to a decision"Yes" I want to buy or "No" I do not want to buy. Either answer is correct!!

The process that I developed started with phone scripts, to setting an agenda, to setting the expectations of the meeting, and to the close — "YES" or "NO" either answer is correct.


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I never thought that I would become a sales person, let alone teaching sales techniques!! What I did know is what I did not like about being "sold to".


What I Did Not Want

Many years ago an insurance sales agent showed up at our house and proceeded to sell us insurance. At the end of the presentation I had three memorable feelings:

  • When the agent arrived I saw the black briefcase and I wondered when the contents were going to be dump out on our kitchen table including the purchase agreement
  • At the end of the presentation, I felt like I was "sold to" and my issues and concerns were hardly heard
  • Who do you know who...the agent was looking for referrals. The way this was handled was not comfortable for me or my wife.

A few years later a different insurance agent show up and this time he had a flip chart presentation. This presentation felt very mechanical with little interaction.

To summarize my feelings, the presentations were about the agent and not about me.

What I Did Want

Based on my business and life experiences I wanted a sales call to provide a clear understanding of:

  • The expectations of the meeting.
  • The projected outcome at the end of the meeting. What exactly did the sales person want?
  • A simple agenda to maximize the exchange of information while minimizing the time required
  • The fact that I wanted to be heard and to know that the sales person listened
  • My concerns and issues were being addressed as it applied to the product or service being offered.
  • The importance of being able to ask tough or difficult questions.
I just wanted open and honest communications that looked at my issues and concerns and how the product or services were going to resolve them.

Truly successful sales people have a secret:

  • They know the importance of listening during the sales process.
  • They understand the enormous income potential and the huge savings of time and effort that comes with receiving qualified introductions versus having to cold-call and manipulate a sale.
  • They understand where to focus and place their energy to achieve the highest revenue return.
  • They know the exact dollar value for every strategic introduction they receive.
  • They have a sales plan and a proven selling system that produces consistent returns.
  • They have documented "Mission" and "Vision" statements.
  • They know the importance of taking additional training.

  • IS2 Systems addresses each of these critical items in a systematic, easy to understand approach!

IS2's Selling System consists of:

  • Marketing - Website Development
  • Prospecting - Goal driven "strategic introduction" system
  • Selling - A powerful, simple to use, proven selling system that promotes open communications and listening
  • Automated Follow-Up System - utilizing groups, automated series messages, and automated dated messages (encompassing the system)
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